Scores: Redbacks 5.6-36 def Prahran 4.4-28

On Sunday, the U11 Redbacks played an away game against Prahran at Como Park. We knew nothing about this team but given our experience last week we decided to start the game defensively with an extra player sweeping across half back.

From the first bounce we were a different team compared to last week. Beautiful ruckwork by Jasper, down to Hank who got the ball quickly into our forward line and we had a goal on the board in the first minute. A great start but it was too early to get excited. We knew Prahran would come at us and our backs held together well led by Max F, Will S and Hayden. At the same time our mids continued the quarter well with Declan in everything. By quarter time we led 2.1-13 to 1.1-7.

The basic message for the boys at quarter time was to avoid being over-confident. We were playing much better than Prahran but that could very quickly change – and it did. Prahran came out firing in the second quarter.

It was a tough second quarter for the Redbacks. Although our backline was under a lot of pressure, Mali, Palts and Ethan did everything possible to stand firm. Harro and Nate were doing some great work on their respective wings but despite this the Redbacks failed to score during the quarter and Prahran added 2.3-15 to bring their total to 3.4-22. This gave Prahran a 9 point lead at half time.

We needed to lift and at half time we reinforced our message for the day – GO HARD! We were confident that our hard but fair tackling would give us an advantage for the rest of game.
We started the third quarter knowing that Prahran is a proud club and this team would not give up. So we needed to lift – and we did. The Twins (Chucky and Sam R ) were tackling like ferocious beasts and led the way. Spencer and Connor were holding the backline together while Liam was causing trouble for the opposition in our forward line. We scored 2 goals for the quarter, but allowed Prahran 1 goal which meant that Prahran led 4.4-28 to the Redbacks 4.1-25 at three quarter time.

During the three-quarter time address the coaches told the boys we were playing the last quarter aggressively for the win. Our ‘sweeper’ (Luke) was told to push up the ground into the forward line where he continued to gather possessions. Hugo was making a big difference up forward, Will C was having an influence around the ground and Matty set up the winning goal with some slick hands. By the end of the quarter we had added 1.5-11 to bring the Redbacks total to 5.6-36 to defeat Prahran 4.4-28. A solid 8 point win against a very good team.

What did we learn from the game on Sunday?

3 Things We Can Improve:
1. Back men still need to work on their accountability to their team mates – they have to man up.
2. Coaches still see our onballers sprint into the forward line but are not so energetic when they have to help out their team mates in defence.
3. Too often one Redback player was alone in a contest against 2 or 3 Prahran players. We have to sprint to the contest to help a team mate.

3 Things We Did Really Well:
1. When our rucks and rovers are working together quick clearances out of the midfield give us a big advantage.
2. Our tackling was ferocious. It makes a huge difference when you hit the opposition with strong but fair contact.
3. The teamwork that led to our goals today was fantastic. The coaches value the effort by the players who set-up a goal just as much as the name of the player on the scoresheet. Very often the goal scorer simply finishes the hard work up the ground.

Best Players:

Goal Scorers: