Scores: Redbacks 5.5-35 def. St Peters 3.7-25

On Sunday an early start greeted the U11 Redbacks having travelled to Centenary Park to play an away game against St Peters.

The boys looked very sharp in their pre-game warm-up and appeared ready to play from the opening bounce. However, as was the case last week the Redbacks started slowly in the first quarter – and we saw St Peters dominate play and lead our boys to the ball. While our backline was under constant pressure, defenders including Hayden, Hugo and Liam helped us to limit St Peters to 1.2-8 to 0 by the end of the quarter.

At quarter time the Redbacks knew they had a fight on their hands, with the coaches impressing upon the boys that to win the game they would have to run hard all day. In an even second quarter both teams kicked 1.2-8 and the game was still in the balance. Max F held up the last line of defence at fullback, and Caelan was rock solid at CHB with Connor on a half back flank. Our forwards were starting to influence the game with Nate creating havoc on the half forward line. By half time the Redbacks had their confidence back.

During the half time break the challenge went out to the Redback midfielders. They had to avoid chasing kicks too deep into the forward line and position themselves to run hard and man up opposing midfielders on the rebound to help our defenders. The boys started well, with the ‘dynamic twins’ Chucky and Sammy showing the Redbacks how to tackle hard but fair. Declan was now influencing the game and with Palts taking control in the ruck the two teams had a fairly even quarter. We were 11 points down at three quarter time and we knew we had to ‘roll the dice’ if we were to win the game. The coaches looked the boys in the eye at the break and asked for a special effort.

Although the final quarter started evenly, the Redbacks found an inner strength. Max M and Spencer were doing some amazing work in the backline, while Hank and Luke created a wall just outside our half forward line that helped the Redbacks lock the ball in our forward zone for most of the quarter. Although it was congested up forward, Mali and Will S were taking advantage and putting immense pressure on the St Peters backline. At the same time our midfielders were running hard, with Harro often running deep into our backline to help out our defenders.

With an amazing effort during the final quarter the Redbacks kicked 3.3-21 and turned an 11 point deficit at three quarter time into a courageous 10 point win. Scores: Redbacks (Vampires) 5.5-35 def St Peters 3.7-25.

What did we learn from the game on Sunday?

3 Things We Can Improve:
1. Sometimes our midfielders chase the ball too deep into our forward line and forget to man-up their opposition midfielders on the rebound.
2. Often we are still too slow to react when we have the ball.
3. Our ruckmen and rovers need to communicate better at a ball-up.

3 Things We Did Really Well:
1. Some of the hardest tackling ever seen from this group.
2. Kicking out was much better this week after running training drills on Tuesday night to play-on from the square.
3. The last quarter fight back to win the game was inspirational.

Best Players:

Goal Scorers: