Scores: East Brighton 2.5.17 Def by PM/SM 5.10. 40

The boys put up a good fight today, however we came up short against the second top side. Some excellent work winning the contested ball in the middle from Hayden and Luca and strong ruckwork from Sando and Raff. Finn P played a very disciplined team oriented game by completely shutting down their main goal scorer from the last time we played Port Melbourne/South Melbourne. The conditions were heavy today and it just showed how far we have come as a team, putting our bodies in to win the contested ball and working hard all day. A goal to the opposition in the last 10 seconds of the match and a controversial overrule disallowing one of our goals earlier in the last quarter shows we were well in the game for most of the day. Unfortunately a number of boys were injured this week including Billy who broke his arm at basketball and Lucas, Charlie, Ed and Max, who all played their best but were not able to perform at their full capacity due to injury. So it’s down to the final game of the season to determine if we play finals. Win against Caulfield next week and we’re a chance to finish ahead of them in forth and make the finals. It’s going to be an exciting finale to the season.

Best Players: Hayden, Luca, Finn P., Finn M, Sando, Nico, Liam

Goal Scorers: Max 1, Finn M. 1