Its hard to believe that this is my last Match report for the season. I was overwhelmed with joy on Sunday with how well the girls played as a team but also the love and support you gave myself, Stephen, Wendy, Kate and all other team members that helped to make this team function how it does.

The girls should be nothing but happy, excited and hungry for more after the football they displayed on Sunday.

The instruction for the first quarter were as follow; bring the intensity, energy and tackling pressure from the get go. Thats what the girls did. Jorjia Haeata (16) brought fire and a whole lot more. She smashed through tackles as usual to get a career high 6 goals in a game. This means she is the highest goal scorer for the team and the U12 Div 3 girls competition. Haeata wasn’t the only one scoring, Anna Smith (14) made her mark too. Smith was a marking machining. She booted the majority of her goals off the back of stellar contested marks. Which demonstrates her physicality in the contest and her eye for the ball. Although behind goals there is a lot of work. Charlotte Dema (2) and Emilia Forbes (22) were the work horses behind the forces. These two were agile across the forward line and selflessly hand-balled at every opportunity which kept racking up their goal assists. Forbes came away with a career high 6 marks and Dema managed to finish with a magnificent running goal to end the first quarter.

Quarter two saw our players on a comeback shine. Three of our dearly missed players were back in action. Cyan Van de Merwe (20) coming back from a hamstring strain to power on and brought her best. We challenged her placing her in the backline but that didn’t stop her. I don’t think she let a ball go past her all day. With her great long kick she was able to get possession and execute clearance after clearance. Lucy Carmichael (9) was the other comeback queen in defence. Lucy worked hard and made it seem like she had never left. Her ground work and ball skills were much appreciate and made clearing the back line that much easier. Milly Van Rooyen (13) was another girl playing her first game in about 7 weeks. I was more impressed with her 3rd and fourth efforts. She chase ridiculously hard, laid solid tackles and worked hard for every possession. Tess Davies (11) wasn’t coming back but I know she was definitely happy to be playing alongside her school friends again. She lifted when it mattered. Playing largely in defence she was extremely disciplined and tackled hard.

Third Quarter saw the same forward line succeed as in quarter one. However, the midfield was the brute behind the success. Rhiana Wormington (24) played a beautiful brand of football. Leading the counts in playing on and clean possessions it was clear she was an asset in the centre. But her free kick was most impressive, kicking it about 50 meters. Her co-captain Ella Rose Wilcocks (15) was much the same. Unstoppable. She plays excellently behind the stoppages accelerating through the ball, disallowing the ball to get behind her. She also had a great day of tough tackling. Talking of tackles Miffy Mainwaring (23) is one to watch. She is a versatile player, changing positions throughout the game. However, that didn’t stop her from creating several stoppages from her tackles. Ella O’halloran (25) was another one of our dominant mid players. She is particularly good in the centre with her accurate kick and exceptional running ability.

My final Quarter. For much of the game Chloe Gall (5) and Kali Humphreys (6) played similar roles on different sides of the ground, either forward or back. Due to their extraordinary height and physicality they are a huge advantage. Being discipline often protecting the square looking for the mark. Both girls excelled in this role today. Caitlin Barrell (7) is another one of our reliable defensive players. With a great attitude she is always playing at maximum effort. It was no different today bringing massive tackling pressure as well as grabbing a few outstanding marks. Sienna Briscoe (1) like always, was our hard working ground footballer. She played most of the game in the middle zone being at every contest, being one of the attacking midfielders. She filled the role perfectly.

It was an absolute pleasure to watch the girls use their skills they have acquired over the course of the season to such a high standard. It has been an absolute pleasure to coach each and every one of you. All I can stay is keep doing what you are doing. Make sure you enjoy every moment in the next couple of weeks because it will fly by quickly. Make me but most importantly yourself proud. You can do it. GO GET ‘EM!

From Coach Jess

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