This week again was difficult conditions with an almost 10 goal wind. Even before the game started the girls were very supportive of the newly appointed captains Ella Rose Wilcocks and Rhiana Wormington. The girls powered on and banded together to send the rest of the competition a strong message. We are a GREAT team!

The first quarter saw us go against the wind. Therefore the importance was on strong defensive pressure and clearances. Eloise Darvall (5) is our go to girl for defence. She is a champ at stopping the ball getting past her but today she also captained on opportunities to clear the ball from the back zone, even against the wind. Tess Davies (11) was another powerhouse defending. Her knack for moving to the ball and clean hands made clearances from the backline seem easy. Caitlin Barrell (7) yet again came over adversity (sickness) to play today and brought her A game. Her tackling pressure was welcomed wherever she was on the field resulting in many goal saving stoppages. Kali Humphreys (6) followed her instructions to the tee. Being a big presence in the forward, marking at any opportunity for a goal. Unfortunately, her hard work wasn’t rewarded as her kick was just marked on the line.

Quarter two we were ready to hit the scoreboard, heading into the wind. Sienna Briscoe (1) helped move the ball into the forward line. She was a key centre player, hard at contest and led the marks count. Anna Smith (14) led in goal assist. Her brutal tackle, natural athleticism and work around the ground means she is a dominate player. The creative genius Emilia Forbes (22) was hard at work bouncing, running and finding space in the forward line as well. She finished the day with a magnificent goal late in the second term. The forward line was heavily helped by our master centre. The newly appointed captain lead the way, Ella Rose Wilcocks (15). Her smooth style of play meant she picked up the ball cleanly, accelerated away from packs, racking up clearance after clearance.

Quarter three was another tough battle attempting to keep the opposition scoreless against the wind. Chloe Gall (4) is a tall athletic presence on the field. That is critical in our stoppages getting in and under, which she displayed today. Ella O’Halloran (25) is another versatile player. She uses her refined ball skills to pass quickly and effectively in pressured situations all around the ground. This helped her attain her first goal of the season. Rhianna Wormington (24) is the other newly appointed captain and didn’t disappoint today. She is a go to girl behind stoppages. Her clean hands, excellent run and well rehearsed playing on style of footy allows her to be extremely damaging to our opponents.

Quarter four was when all the girls’ hard work paid off. Celia Blomberry (3) used her reliable kick and playing on ability to take our kick outs for most of the game. However she swapped defence for forward and didn’t let us down. Bloomsbury concluded the day with 3 brilliant goals. However, it was Jorjia Haeata (16) who stole the show today. Playing 3 out of the four quarters in the centre you would have thought scoring more than a couple of goals would be beyond her. But her fierce tackling and ability to find space meant she booted a massive four goals.

I’m extremely proud of how the girls are combining together and playing as a team. The long season of commitment and effort, is paying off. I can’t wait for my last game this week. But I’m most excited to have our end of year function after the game. Looking forward to it.

See you girls at the game.

From Coach Jess

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