Scores: Vampires 9.5.59 def Knight 3.7.25

After a tense first quarter, the Vampires responded as asked with a big lift in intensity at the ball and run and carry with handball to burst the game open by half time.

The great teamwork continued through the game as our main ball winners Nicky, Andrew and Alex shared the ball by hand with team mates to enable cleaner kicks to targets, taking East Malvern’s taller players out of the game.

Ethan was huge in the ruck all day, jumping in, crashing packs and bursting through giving our mids the best opportunity.

Our forward line was effective with many options making it hard for the opposition as 4 players kicked multiple goals, whilst the backline led by James all backed themselves and attacked the ball head on.

With this outstanding teamwork continuing and being built on, I’ve no doubt we can mix it with the best teams as the season goes on.

Best Players: Ethan, Connor, Nicky R, Andrew L, Alex T, Charlie P, Harry P, Josh

Goal Scorers: Hall 2, Langworthy 2, Josh 2, Alex 2, Nick C 1