As you may be aware, over Round 12 the SMJFL will be celebrating ‘Kicking Goals for Brain Cancer’ in support of its charity partnership with RCD Foundation.

Throughout the round all SMJFL clubs will be helping play their part in support of the foundation, and for the Vampires the cause is very close to home, given Hannah Dawes, who played several years in the club and is a two-time premiership player in 2014 and 2015, is the sister of Robert Connor Dawes, whom the charity is named after.

This year the foundation is trying something different, and is hoping to raise both funds and awareness through kicking goals. It would be fantastic if each individual in the team would be able to support this (led by team manager’s), and either have parents, players or other supporters pledge as little as $1 per goal scored on the day, or simply pledging an overall donation (see attached form).

If each team is able to help contribute this will add up substantially given the 950 players and 44 teams at the club. If each team manager would be able to encourage participation by all and collect the money on the day, we will arrange a suitable means to collect the money and pass this on to RCD. Each team is free to arrange how they go about it on the day.

Additionally, there will be merchandise sold at Hurlingham Park on Sunday, including beanies and mini footies, as well as during the week on training nights for interested players and parents wishing to donate. Please spread the message so all are aware.

Thank you very much for your support with the week. I know Liz Dawes and the rest of RCD are very appreciative and thankful for your efforts, and the club overall.