It was another ripper of a game. Where the girls were able to apply all the things we were working on and use their reliable tackling pressure to bring them success.

From the beginning our guns were blazing. With Jorja Haeata (16) in her first game back, it was bound to be a game full of goals. She didn’t disappoint. Haeata took advantage early, running through defenders to even bounce numerous times, which I loved to see, to boot a marvellous goal 1 minute into the game. She only went on to kick another 6. Cyan Van de Merwee (4) was another girl on her A game. Van de Merwee proved today she is a master at following orders. The girls were given a task to work on clean first possession, Van de Merwee shown us how it was done. She positioned herself a kick behind play, giving herself time and space to use her athleticism and run for days. Every chance she got she focussed on her clean hands and racked up over 16 clean grabs, the most in the team, which allowed her to carry the ball great distances and consistently feed it to the forward line again and again.

Quarter two saw us start off much like quarter one. We were tackling hard, implementing our clean possessions and scoring goals. In addition to Van de Merwee, Sienna Briscoe (1) was another player who outdid herself in terms of clean possessions. Racking up more than 12 clean possessions Briscoe seemed to always have the ball. She worked tremendously hard spending much of her time in the middle, always having to fight for every possession. Olivia Williams (6) was doing much of the same thing. A relatively new player Williams is executing many of the require skills in a game setting already. She too, recorded very high numbers for clean possessions and used her agility around the ground to dodge players. She also has a great talent at marking and kicking a long way which she used perfectly in this week’s game.

Quarter 3 saw Jemima Pitts (7), Heidi O’Donoghue (10) and Chloe Gall (14) demonstrate their versatility in this week’s game, playing all around the field, but I think they highlighted their value to the team most, when they banded together, to keep the backline strong. O’Donoghue did an excellent job of running down tackles, even hanging off an opponents hand for dear life to win a ‘holding the ball’ and provide us with a goal saving tackle late in the game. Despite all her efforts in the backline, she just couldn’t get enough, kicking a beautiful drop-punt straight through the middle for a six-pointer at the beginning of the second quarter. Another newbie to the team Pitts stepped up when needed. Particularly towards the end of the game, Pitts was unstoppable as a defender. She was at every contest, winning the ball and getting it out of the yellow zone quickly and efficiently. I noted that she was a hand-balling, kicking machine. Gall brought her strength and creativity. She showed us she had the ability to take a screaming overhead mark. But also under pressure when in a pack, displayed her creativity, with an over the head handball out to space which allowed to the ball to move into our forward line. Each of these girls brought a different element of footy to this weeks game which made them such a lethal combination.

For the entirety of the game, the scoreline was tight. So the girls needed to bring their relentless efforts just as much in the final term. Kali Humphreys (9) started things off. With not many tall girls in the team it is vital for Humphreys to use her stature to her advantage. She took an extraordinary grab which helped position herself for a brilliant goal putting us in front. She has also been working on her quick possessions which were exhibited on Sunday, with quick in the pack handballs and swift kicks for goal. Charlotte Dema (2) was another player who damaged the scoreboard further. She was again throwing herself at every tackle, constantly coming out with the ball. She uses her incredible ability to accelerate while still keeping possession, allowing her natural ability to bounce and run to get herself a major score. Ella O’Halloran was someone else that let her skills do the talking. She was very competitive and fiercely tackled throughout to entire duration of the game. She worked ridiculously hard in the centre persistent running to get to every contest. Her efforts were unbelievable. Finally I want to thank young, gun Daisy Moore who helped fill the team this week. With many players out it looked we were down to only 9 players. With the help of Daisy’s quick hands and speed around the ground we were able to stay on top.

My final applause is to everyone, we have built an prospering culture around this football team. I love that everyone on our team is eager and loves to play footy. But more importantly I love that the each and every player is such good friends with each other and the parents enjoy being apart of this community. I want to thank Caitlyn Barrell (17) and Anna Smith (13) (and their parents) who couldn’t play due to injury and sickness but still made the effort to come to the game and support. Those kind of gestures are ones I love most to see. Lets keep Flying girls.

Go Vampires!
From Coach Jess

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