Round 5 v St Kilda City 20 – 51

Another awesome game that every girl should be proud of. Each side we play, is going to continue to test us, and the only way we can keep competing with each of them, is if we keep challenging ourselves to improve as well as supporting each other through every game.

From the first siren it was a tough battle, with howling winds and immense pressure and limited space, we couldn’t play our typical carry and run footy. However, the girls battled on to produce quite a show. Ella O’Halloran (8) lead the charge with her manic tackling, something that the majority of the team lacked at the beginning of the game. However, she brought such ferocity and relentless pressure to the midfield that she helped the entire team lift. Her grand efforts rightfully earned herself an award. Chloe Gall (14) was another girl who brought it right from the beginning. She showed her versatility playing in a range of positions. However, it was in the backline she shone, with two remarkable goal saving tackles and numerous quick handballs out to space for her teammates to grab. In Addition to Gall, and O’Halloran, Jemima Pitts (7) was another player to bring the tackling pressure. She performs well in every position which I love. But the skill she is mastering the best is holding tackles. I recorded multiple times strong, holding tackles that resulted in a turnover, which is amazing. The other newer girl to the team, Olivia Williams (6) demonstrated her athleticism, running everywhere around the ground. She has also shown how quickly she can pick up skills, not having played football for very long, she is recording extremely good numbers for first clean possession on the footy field. She was equal with Heidi O’Donohue (10) as the girls to improve most, their numbers of first clean possessions, from last week. Heidi is another teammate to be improving in leaps and bounds. Even though she isn’t the tallest player, she uses her smart positioning and physicality to perform fabulous marks every week. There was another stunner in Quarter two.

Quarter two saw a rise in tackling pressure as well as more pressure on the scoreboard. We saw it in Jorja Haeata (16), who is the hungriest person I have met, hungry for goals that is. Her domination in the forward line is crazy and I love how she is working on her bouncing along with scoring majors. Her skills, aggressive style of play and the two magnificent goals, earned her praise and recognition from the opposition coach. Another girl who hit the scoreboard was Celia Blomberry (3). She always does it in style. I love her ability to run across the ground which means, even in the tightest matches, she manages to find space. Consequently, Blomberry finished the third term with a beautiful running goal.

Going into the second half of the game it was the girls’ efforts and continuous running that was going to keep us in the game. A girl who always runs and puts in a mammoth effort is Cyan Van der Merwe (20). Van der Merwe not only, week in week out, produces great football but is also eager to learn and improve. Kicking has been something on the for front of her mind and I think she killed kicking on the run this week. She even produced a whopping 35m kick from deep in the backline which eventually helped set up our forwards. Anna Smith (13) was another player to bring her A game. Whenever in the vicinity of the ball, she was on the attack. She moved aggressively onto the ball picking it up swiftly and moving it on quickly. Her fast paced thinking and footy skills set up her teammates many times. One player that is the epitome of hard work and huge efforts is Sienna Briscoe (1), this week was no different. She competed at every contest and worked beautifully behind the ball. She excelled at picking up ground balls and using her skills to move it on quickly and effectively.

The fourth quarter was our toughest yet. But the girls pushed on to keep the pressure on. I feel like I say a similar thing for this girl every week but she is just so good at it. Eloise Darvall (5) is so disciplined, always generating stoppages in the back half of the ground. She also has a very strong body which she uses to break free from packs to get the ball out of tight situations. These skills are such an asset which Darvall keeps building on, thrusting the footy forward. Kali Humphreys (9) is another girl always trying to better herself, and her fun loving attitude makes that task look easy. She is great in various positions especially deep in the forward line. But today she worked on her ruck taps and kick outs. Her taps were excellent in the ruck, getting the ball out to space. In the backline, she used her long kick in tough conditions to get the ball out of the backline as soon as she could. It’s great to see her working on her numerous skills. Charlotte Dema (2) is another player with many skills, which are implemented well in each game. Charlotte ran hard all day, being tough at the contest, getting in each pack, often against girls much taller than her. She did a great job gaining possession of ball in tough situations and then passing it on to space or a teammate.

All I wish for the girls is to look to improve and always be positive about their football. Positivity is the only way we are going to build confidence. And confidence is the key to any great player and EVERY GREAT TEAM. Lets concentrate on positivity and building confidence. You all should be very excited about what the future holds. Come on girls never stop battling!

Go Vampires!
From Coach Jess

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