It was a tough morning game in very low temperatures and fog that covered most of the field this week. Every game in this division is a battle, therefore to be second on the ladder at the half way point, is an incredible feat. We still have a very long way to go, but it is credit to the girls, that through hard work and strong, consistent teamwork, we are able to beat anyone.

As a whole, we had a slow start, but one player who wasn’t a slow starter was Anna Smith (13). It might of been because of her very early morning swim in freezing waters, that meant a bit of cold and fog didn’t stop her or it was just her relentless tough attitude, that always wins her the ball, that meant she was firing from the start. On game day, she was excellent at attacking the ball and barrelling into contests and ripping the ball out. Her speed allows her to get into space and meant she was dangerous every time she had the ball, (which was a lot). This week, every girl set out to improve one thing they have been working on in training, and a player that excelled at this, was Olivia Williams (6). After a tough training session focussing on tackling she was determined to bring it game day. She had great clearances, getting the ball out of contests and into the forward line, but she was also one of our most solid tacklers on Sunday. She competed hard at each stoppage and was able to create stoppages when in defence. Chloe Gall (14) was another girl who did exceedingly well at implementing training skills into a game. She was always in a great position, which allowed her to take a brilliant mark in the forward half of the ground, and she quickly moved on to set up a goal in quarter two. She also performed just as well in the back half of the ground, taking a great mark creating reliability in our defence.

In quarter two, the girls rose, particularly in Cyan Van de Merwe (4). Her kicking has improved out of site and she was able to boot great long kicks from anywhere on the ground. They were especially helpful when she was the last line of defence or playing behind the ball in the midfield. However, her great defensive play doesn’t ever stop her attacking and she was able to steal two magnificent goals in the second term. Sienna Briscoe (1) was the other girl who scored for us in the second quarter, her first goal for the season (Amazing). She works tremendously hard, constantly running, and winning contested possessions. For the second week in a row she smashed the clean possession count.

The second half saw much of our normal brand of hard tackles, great runs and awesome teamwork return. The girls were very resilient and kept pushing throughout the entire game. Ella O’Halloran (8) was spectacular to watch. She just loves football and it shows. She loves to lay brutal tackles, loves to win the ball in tough situations, loves to run free from the pack, loves to bounce and loves to set up her teammates. She produced all of those great skills today. It seemed to be rubbing off on her friend and teammate Jemima Pitts (7). Pitts is great as we know at hand balling, giving off quick accurate passes setting up teammates in space often near goal. But today she worked hard at her kicking, getting herself free and carrying the ball longer distances. She even threw in a bounce or two, to then kick it, and deliver it into the forward part of the ground. When the ball was in the forward line it often found itself in the hands of Heidi O’Donohue (10). O’Donohue was relentless and extraordinarily persistent. She aggressively won the ball and kept producing opportunities for herself to score. She used her smart footy brain to always be in the right position and was unlucky to not get a major score getting roughly 6 of our 9 behinds of the day. Caitlin Barrell (7) is always an entertaining player to watch. She has found her spot on the field, fending off players with one hand, just like Dusty, and continues to pass it on, propelling it forward. This determination has made her a solid defender, and great midfielder and a tough forward, to beat.

Jorja Haeata (16) started us off with the goal scoring in the last quarter. During Sunday’s game, goals were hard to come by, but this girl never goes without. She worked tirelessly and was excellent in the forward line not only because of her great acceleration and agility that sets her up for goals but her ability to work in her teammates. As the weeks go on she is getting better and better and helping set up or teammates with quick handballs or use those around her to get goals, its brilliant to watch. Kali Humphreys (9) was the other player to seal Beaumaris’ fate in the final quarter. Humphreys’ took advantage of a teammates pass to dart straight for goal getting a marvellous running goal. She was apprehensive to play in different positions but demonstrated persistence and realised that this helps her overall game. She racked up possessions all over the ground and was great at refusing to let the opposition players get by her.

Finally, we are extremely grateful to have had two superstar footballers and people Nat Happell and Tilly Chesneau fill in for us on Sunday. They were remarkably versatile fitting in with the team wherever we put them. They also stood up to the older girls very well, holding their ground in contests, and always looked to go hard after the ball.

On Sunday, the girls continued to lift quarter to quarter to really earn the win. As the weeks go on, I keep expecting more improvements, and I’m sure my expectations are high. However, you girls just continue to exhibit massive improvements and a team chemistry that is second to none.

From Coach Jess

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