Expert Advice

Your Vision Personal Trainer is recognised as among the best in the industry. They hold internationally recognised certifications, and are constantly updating their skills to ensure you receive the latest and best advice. Your trainer will be committed to inspiring you to achieve your own personal bests along your journey.

The Vision Promise

Vision Personal Training is unique in the Health and Fitness industry being one of the few who offer a money back guarantee if you follow your program exactly and don’t achieve your agreed result*

Whereas other typical gyms base their success on having as many members as possible who then don’t in fact show up, Vision is the opposite. Our success is based on you achieving your goals.

We celebrate transformations not member numbers.

Your program is completely personalised to your goals, lifestyle, body type and even your nutrition plan is centred around foods that you enjoy!

Transform your health and your life with us!

Personalised Exercise Plan

Your Vision Personal Trainer will design your one-on-one exercise program – taking into account your specific goals, timeframe, exercise preferences, current condition, health requirements, lifestyle and of course your body composition data from your Vision BIOSCAN. Your exercise program will be tailored to you and the results you want, and split into short term achievable goals.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Knowing what to eat to align with your exercise plan is critical to your success. Your Vision Personal Trainer has extensive nutrition knowledge and will design you an individual nutrition plan, a critical part of your journey to self-transformation. You will be introduced to a wide range of fresh and tasty meals, as well as access to recipes to ensure you have all the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Benefits of One-On-One Personal Training

With one-on-one training, the focus is on you and you alone. Our facilities are small, non-threatening and uncrowded, in other words, not your typical gym. Our studios are places where everyone knows your name and where you receive the one-on-one exercise, nutrition and coaching sessions you need to succeed.

What is the Body Breakthrough Challenge?

It’s amazing what you can achieve long term with a solid kick start! Body Breakthrough is the ideal way to cement eating, exercise and lifestyle habits for the long term. Let us show you how to achieve sustainable life-long results.

With over $20,000 in prizes to be WON – let Body Breakthrough be the start of the rest of your life.


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