Scores: Vampires 3.5.21 def by PM/SM 12.9.81

With many of our boys away this week, it was great to give full games to all the boys, especially those who don’t always get the chance to play a full four quarters. Lachie A really made the most of his opportunities today. Lucas continued to look dangerous every time he got the ball. Harps had a strong game in the midfield where he spent more time today.

Our key backs fought hard all day. We tried many times to get our game flowing, but often broke down on the final handball or pass and PM/SM were able to rebound and take the ball forward. They were also very strong around the contested ball. I was pleased with the way we kept at it to the end.

Now it’s time for the boys to have a break and come back refreshed and ready to tackle the second half of the season. We’ve shown when we play our best football we can match it with the best teams in our division and I’m confident this is what we’ll see more of when we return.

Best Players: Lucas, Harps, Harry P, Cole, Lachie A

Goal Scorers: Lucas 2, Ed 1