Scores: Vampires 12.5.77 def St Kilda City 4.4.28

The run and carry handball game was on show in the first half as the Vampires moved the ball quickly and skilfully to score repeatedly with 8 goals by half time. With Hugo dangerous up forward and Nick G winning the contested ball the game was locked away early.

To St Kilda City’s credit, their players lifted their intensity at the ball and tackle pressure to challenge us through the second half.

As we began to bomb the ball forward and handball less the opposition were able to intercept and attack forward with more space.

It was very pleasing that the boys led by Bucky and Seb kept working hard in the packs despite the opposition cluttering the game with huge numbers around the contest, and as we moved our players around to enhance our versatility.

The boys team play continues to improve and will be a key factor later in the season.

Best Players: Hugo, Nick Gillard, Seb, Bucky, Caiden, Alex, Sam W

Goal Scorers: Hugo 5, Andrew L 3, Alex T 2, Josh 1, Nick G 1