Scores: Vampires 3.5.23 Def by Highett 4.9.33

We knew Highett were big, but, with their full side in they seemed to have doubled in size. With at least 7 or 8 players bigger than our biggest, they flexed their muscles early and had the ascendancy in the first quarter. If not for the amazing efforts of our 100 game skipper Caalan down back, the game may have been over at half time. But it wasn’t.
And the boys dug deep to produce a huge effort in the third. With Tal, Ollie and Sonny busting packs the rest of the team lifted and with Coops and Harry dangerous up forward we went to the final change in the lead – although there were many opportunities to make it a much bigger advantage.
Whilst the final quarter was an arm wrestle, a few things went Highett’s way that enabled them the breakthrough goal to clinch the lead with minutes remaining.
It’s been a great season by the boys highlighted by so many players showing huge improvements to have their breakout seasons. Mavi’s injury keeping him out for the final two games was a huge blow as he’s been a star all year – we can only think “what if” he was in…..
But, I’m really looking forward to seeing what this passionate, team oriented group can do next year….
Well done to the boys on an outstanding season.

Best Players: Caalan, Tal, Ollie, Sonny, Zac, Jem, Coops, Harry G

Goal Scorers: Coops 1, Harry G 1, Sonny 1