Scores: Vampires 2.5.17 Def by PMSM 3.3.21

Tenacity, ferocity, teamwork and desperation were the hallmarks of a Vampires outfit that showed the competition just how far we’ve come this season in a classic contest. In wet and slippery conditions, our fearless skippers Bucky and James showed the way for the boys with great courage and effort – and the whole team followed suit. Without doubt, the Vampires were first to the ball over and over and kept pushing forward, but unfortunately the conditions made it very hard to get scoreboard reward for effort and South Melbourne’s backline saved many a goal on the last line of defense – in dry conditions they would have watched those kicks sail over their heads for Vampires goals……
Taking a narrow lead into the last quarter, the ripple effect of losing Ethan just after half time took it’s toll and South Melbourne managed to pinch victory with a last quarter goal.
With 4 wins in a row and a narrow defeat to the reigning premier, the boys are in good form and are ready to take on the competitions leading team.

Best Players: Bucky, James, Nicky R, Frankie, Alex, Sam, Ethan

Goal Scorers: Alex 1, Andrew L 1